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 Your Emmalia the Label Purchase helps fight Brain Cancer. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. In honour of my late father, Matthew Hill, we are doing our small bit to help fight brain cancer, the terrible disease that kills more than 1,500 people in Australia every year. We are donating 5% of every Emmalia The Label sale to The Brain Cancer Foundation to fund the essential research and support services they provide for many families throughout Australia, families just like ours. 


-Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease. 
-It also kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer, yet very little is know about brain cancer, its causes or how to treat it.
-One Australian is diagnosed with brain cancer every five hours. 
-Survival rates for brain cancer have not improved in more than 30 years.
-Currently, there is no known cure.
-Stage 4 cancer life expectancy is around 12-18 months with chemotherapy and radiation. 
-A Stage 4 Glioblastoma is the most aggressive and fastest-growing type and can spread throughout the brain very quickly.
In July 2020, our family received the devastating news that dad had an aggressive Stage 4 Glioblastoma (Cancer) Brain Tumour. The tumour was located in his frontal lobe on the left-hand of his brain, measuring the size of one and a half golf balls. As awful as this news was for our family, we also knew dad was one of the lucky ones. He was able to have a craniotomy surgery to remove some of the tumour. Just five years ago, this operation would not have been possible as the technology had not yet been developed. The surgery outcome was better than expected with doctors successfully removing 95% of the tumour. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy were still required to treat the rest of the tumour, but we all felt positive he could fight it. After three weeks of treatment and a brief recovery period at home, dad ended up back in the hospital due to fluid building up on his brain. He underwent further surgeries to insert shunts to help drain the fluid but unfortunately, the surgeries were not successful. On October 29th 2020, my beautiful dad lost his brave battle. He was, and will forever be, my biggest inspiration and greatest supporter in all aspects of my life. His strength, inner drive and motivation never ceased to amaze me. Even on his darkest days, he would push through with a big smile on his face. Dad would give anything a go. We all thought of him as the one who would (and could) ‘tackle the impossible’.
From a young age I watched him work tirelessly to support our family, running his own very successful landscaping company. As I grew up, I was lucky enough to join him in the business as part of the administration team, where he shared so much of his business knowledge with me. I’m so grateful to him for encouraging me to take the leap of faith, step outside my comfort zone and go for my dreams. Emmalia the label wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for what my father instilled in me, business knowledge, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. Now I’m just thankful I can give something back. By donating a portion of each sale to the Brain Cancer Foundation, I am, in my own way, forever keeping his memory alive.
Emmalia Hill 
Owner of Emmalia the Label